2nd June 2020

RAI We are currently experiencing problems with issuing new SSL certificates

We are currently experiencing issues with issuing new SSL certificates

We are working hard on a resolution, and we will keep you updated on the progress frequently.

Last updated: 2.06.2020 15:05

We have identified the issue as a certificate verification failure. Our engineering team is still working on the ways it can be remediated.

Last updated: 2.06.2020 19:10

The team is still trying to find a solution. As soon as we have an update, we will post it immediately.

Last updated, 3.06.2020 09:58

We have tried several solutions, but we still do not have a fix in place

Last updated, 3.06.2020 15:29

Some of the registrations are going through, however multiple are still failing. We’re trying to implement a stable solution.

Last updated: 3.06.2020 16:44

The team is still working on the resolution .

Last updated: 3.06.2020 19:24

The issue has been fixed. It is now possible to add new SSL certificates.

Last updated: 3.06.2020 20:52